Our Vision for Logan Kids

Our focus is to offer every child in Logan, whatever their circumstances, every opportunity to grow and reach their potential.


We know we’ve all got some work to do to make that reality happen.

There’s already a lot going right – thousands and thousands of kids in Logan are doing brilliantly – but national data tracking healthy child development across the whole child population shows that, on average, there’s still a gap to close. We are determined to close that gap within 10 years.

Our vision is that Logan’s children at age 8 will be as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Australian children. We are focusing on children up to eight years old – because research shows those are the critical years to get right.

We are breaking new ground; this has not been done on such a scale before in Australia.

There are challenges to overcome, but we have a comprehensive plan for success. We’ll be constantly measuring the success of our evidence based approach against results.

A staged approach means we have a 5 year goal to make real progress in closing the gap in rates of health child development for Logan children. Our 10 year goal is to fully close that gap.

All of us can succeed together. Success will ensure the long term prosperity of our community, because we know that happy, healthy kids and families grow into happy, productive adults and future families.

Want to get involved? Contact us today to find out how you can.