More Data (and design and details)


Asset mapping 

A Logan community services asset map is currently being developed to better understand and recognise community strengths, resources and challenges, with the view to better locate services and community resources for those that need them.

This project will produce a comprehensive shared resource which will allow us to:

  • Identify, describe and harness existing community services
  • Identify aps and opportunities to increase the sharing of information and connection

To achieve this, we’ve been undertaking workshops, focus groups and surveys with community members and frontline service providers to find out how to best put this info into your hands.

If you’re a provider in the sector and have been involved already, thank you! If you are keen to get involved, but want to know more, please let us know. Participation is closing on June 30, and we’d really value your input. Contact us at

GIS Mapping 

Once the asset mapping exercise is complete, we will populate an online mapping tool (known as GIS to those in the know) with the data. This will help service providers in Logan access relevant and geographically convenient referral pathways for their clients. It will also allow for more effective local planning by both government and the sector.

We’re currently reviewing different software platforms to find the one that delivers the functionality we need.  Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Data engine

The availability of data and how we use this information is incredibly important to Logan Together, and allows us to measure our progress, but also collectively learn and adapt our strategy, as required, to achieve our vision.

Currently our data is collected manually and is difficult to analyse and apply. This has obvious impacts on the both the time it takes and the value that can be sourced.

To improve the potential for planning, modelling and decision making we have launched a design challenge with key stakeholders to create an easy to use data tool. We’ll be reporting on the outcomes of this in future newsletters.

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