Reviewing our Roadmap

Refining our priorities to go deeper on the issues that matter

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It’s hard to believe it’s already been a little over 12 months since we released our draft Foundation Roadmap into the world. This document was the direct output of over 25 workshops, events and working groups, and, along with our Framework for Action, provided a compelling proposal for how we would organise ourselves for impact throughout 2016.  

Now with the benefit of 12 months’ experience putting ideas into action, its time to honour our commitment to review this foundational document to guide our activity throughout 2017 and beyond.

Feedback received in early 2016 found that a number of the 28 project groups could merge as there was significant overlap in both the issues they were exploring and the groups’ membership. The priorities were further clustered into 9 strategic and 11 industry chapter based projects. These newly merged priorities were mapped across the life course and included in the Logan Together Framework for Action, developed with the purpose of identifying:

  • How would we organise ourselves/deliver on the strategies identified?
  • How would we scope, design and execute strategies?
  • What were the quick wins and direct actions that needed to occur?
  • How were we going to measure whether our strategies and actions were making a difference?

During the Roadmap consultation process, we began to define an agreed set of population results/outcomes. 15 initial population results were identified across the life course which were considered to be fundamental in raising healthy children.

What have we learnt?

The last year has provided many opportunities to increase our knowledge, form strong relationships, and test our initial thinking on where we should collectively direct our efforts. We have identified the need to balance long term strategic projects with quick wins which allow us to try, test and learn from taking immediate action. Our learnings include:

  1. Go where the energy is – some projects gained momentum quickly, whereas other have struggled to gain traction, so we have worked to identify pockets of energy across community, industry and government to inform our 2017 priorities
  2. Desire to try, test and learn in micro-communities – partners have expressed the desire to work in targeted micro-communities, allowing for adaptation to specific population characteristics and circumstances at the suburb level
  3. A need to refine our shared vision – with so many active project groups and the sheer scale of the task, many stakeholders have expressed confusion as to how the individual actions will add up to population level outcomes, and how they can positively contribute to achieving them
  4. Strong desire to ‘go deep’ on fewer issues – partners have described the challenge of staying connected and informed on each project and the campaign overall

The Foundation Roadmap has provided a successful early framework to mobilise people around the issues that are important to them, however there is a need to refine its scope, focus on going deeper on fewer topics, and develop a set of guiding principals for Logan Together stakeholders.

Roadmap 2.0 – have your say

The backbone team are working to consolidate the insights from the past year to assist in the development of a one-page strategy map and associated digital (web-based) tool to incorporate our vision, big goals, actions, and guiding principals.

For those interested in helping to shape these products, initial workshops have been scheduled to allow stakeholders to explore the insights more closely and participate in further developing our principles:

When:   Two workshops to choose from: 8 or 13 March 2017, 9:30 – 11am

Where:  Griffith University Logan Campus – L07_4.07 Meadowbrook Room

RSVP:    By Friday 3 March to

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