Our Roadmap

The Collective Impact approach is powered by a shared set of goals that set out a “Roadmap” of key targets during the transitional phases in a child’s development from pre-conception onward.

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These targets reflect goals for each child, their family and the wider community they live in, including support providers, educators and others.

Every family is included, not just those who may be experiencing tough times. We understand that every child’s situation is different and some situations will require extra effort to engage and coordinate with families for their ongoing support.

A really important principle for Collective Impact approaches is that it is for every child. When we set goals in the Roadmap like access to stable housing we mean it, and we intend to do all of the things required to meet the needs of every type of family, no matter their background.

And of course not all Logan children are born locally, meaning they won’t necessarily have had access to the fantastic early childhood opportunities Logan Together is aiming to coordinate. That means, where appropriate, we will coordinate special strategies for older children arriving in Logan to help them catch up.

Between August and October 2015, we conducted a comprehensive community consultation so that as many people as possible had a say in our Foundation Roadmap. We spoke with parents, carers, the community services industry, government departments, churches, sporting clubs, ethnic leaders, and many more. Most importantly, we asked Logan children what they think about living in Logan now, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

A direct output of this engagement is our consultation draft of the Foundation Roadmap which was published in November, 2015. The final roadmap will be published mid 2016.