Logan Together

Meet the Backbone team

Our Backbone team is hosted at the Griffith University, Logan Campus.

Powering the Logan Together collaboration takes work. That’s the role of the intrepid band of relentless optimists who make up the Backbone team.




Michelle Lucas- Executive Director

Michelle is a Collective Impact specialist with a long-term focus on improving outcomes for Australia’s vulnerable children and their families. Since 2013, she has held a number of roles that have required both a national and an international focus, including as the founding Executive Director of Opportunity Child.

Michelle is the Executive Director and Founder of CMM Social Change and in this role is currently deeply immersed in Collective Impact initiatives within Tasmania, as well as supporting a range of communities nationally. She has widespread experience in working alongside communities to bring voice to both First Nations people and to other diverse cultural groups.

Michelle is well known for her outstanding strategic capability and has played a key role in contributing to the development of state and national place-based policy and practice.

Email Michelle: Michelle.Lucas@griffith.edu.au

Sue Jankovic – Deputy Director


Email Sue: s.jankovic@logantogether.org.au

Karen Murphy – Communications Lead

Karen is a senior communication and public relations expert with broad experience in the not-for-profit and government sectors. Her passion is using her skills for social change. 

She excels in strategic corporate communication, with skills including: issues management; strategic media relations; publication development; community and stakeholder engagement; and crisis communication.

Karen comes to Logan Together after working as Senior Manager, Communication at QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Service), a role she has held for seven years.  During that time Karen was instrumental in developing and implementing a new direction and brand for the organisation, and developing a communication strategy to help QCOSS achieve its vision of equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person in every community.  Prior to QCOSS Karen has held communication roles in all levels of government as well as local, state and national community service organisations.

I remember being at Kindy and getting very excited when lining up to get our mattresses for our afternoon sleep.  I wasn’t keen on the sleep part but wanted to make sure I got my mattress in time to choose someone else who wanted to have a chat to lie down next to.  I was forever getting in trouble for talking and I guess that hasn’t changed!

Email Karen: karen.murphy@griffith.edu.au

Belinda Brown – Project Lead

Part time

Belinda has over 15 years experience working in program management and quality improvement roles, predominantly within the health and community services sectors, as well as experience in policing/law enforcement. She has a strong interest in governance and systemic reform, and collective capacity building to improve outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Belinda works across a number of areas at Logan Together including project management, research and proposal writing and reporting.

Belinda’s favourite childhood pastime was fishing for crayfish and making Billy Tea and damper with her Dad. She could spend all day climbing trees – the bigger the better (although her poor mum wouldn’t agree), and loved looking for Penny Turtles in the creek with her sisters.    

Email Belinda: belinda.brown@logantogether.org.au


Craig Quartermine – Journalist-in-residence

Craig Quartermaine was born in Perth and grew up in Kununurrra in the East Kiimberley.

He has just relocated to Brisbane to embark on a a new adventure with his wife, two dogs and two horses.

As a journalist, TV producer and Comedian Craig has achieved a range of career successes; as a footballer and chef, less so… He also had a 10 year mining career which began as quick getaway when he crashed his father’s car.

Craig worked for the ABC for and SBS as a TV and radio journalist before embarking on a career in TV comedy and has joined the Logan team as the Journalist in residence.

Email Craig: c.quartermaine@griffith.edu.au

 Nat Millar – Community Empowerment Agent

Part time

Nat Millar is the owner and operator of Mums n’ Bubs Logan, a playgroup and online support forum with more than 18,000 members where local mothers offer advice, support, laughs and friendship to each other as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.

The group began almost by accident, as Nat was seeking some fellow mums for a playdate in the park –  years later, the group is the biggest of its kind in the area and Nat tirelessly monitors the group, offering a safe online space for mothers in Logan, as well as organising weekly meet-ups at venues all over the Logan area. 

Through her role as a Community Empowerment Agent with the Logan Together Backbone Team, Nat offers help, support  and insight on all things child and parent related in the Logan Community.

Nat is inspired by Logan Together’s total dedication to making a change for the good of the children in Logan.

When I was 4 years old I really wanted to be a school teacher when I grew up.

As I was an only child, I fondly remember setting up all my toys as “school kids” and I would be the teacher!

Email Nat: n.millar@logantogether.org.au


Angela TuiSamoa – Community Empowerment Agent

Part time

Mother of four and grandmother of one Angela has lived in Logan since 2014, and has always had a passion for community connections and letting the voices of families be heard.

Having spent years dedicating her time to her family, she is now also turning her attention to the young families of Logan, driven by the desire to be part of a change for the better in the community.

Angela recognises that many parents are dealing with situations sometimes beyond their control, without knowing where to turn to make things better. This disempowerment is something she hopes will change in the coming years.

The value and commitment that Logan Together has placed on collecting community voice and doing something with it is what motivated Angela to become a Community Empowerment Agent. Her hope is the community will value the Logan Together mission and its authenticity as much as the community voice is valued by Logan Together.

Email Angela: a.tuisamoa@logantogether.org.au



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