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Join Australia’s leading social investors.

Logan Together brings together some of Australia’s leading philanthropic funds, NGOs and Government at all three levels.

Meet our current investors.

Our funders believe, as we do, that improving child development outcomes is the key to long term prosperity for our society and that we can and should act strategically to achieve big, long-term improvements.

Further, they believe that Logan Together is helping to form up the policy prescription of how this can be done at scale around Australia.  Inter-generational approaches to poverty reduction are not new ideas, but Logan Together and partner communities across the land are showing how these can be made to work in the Australian context and in places where poverty is most highly concentrated.

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What we need

We’d welcome conversations with partners who can help us:

  • Expand our social marketing program across the city and spread the excitement into every household
  • Expand our citizen engagement and empowerment program to put local people in charge of the issues that affect them
  • Convene more reform projects that bring partners together in new ways to make a difference for our kids
  • Continue our data program to create insights into what needs doing on what issues and where
  • Create a widely shared professional development program that ensures a consistent set of important skills across the entire child and family-facing workforce
  • Use digital technology to mobilise our community and to transform how social supports are provided to people who need them
  • Mobilise the business community to get involved.

If you can help, please get in touch.

The Roadmap