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Never too old for a playdate!

A few months ago, Nat Millar, founder of the 20,000-strong Mums n Bubs Logan Facebook Group and a Logan Together Community Empowerment Agent, arranged a meet at an aged care service – and she hasn’t looked back.

“What happened at the first meet was life-affirming for me; it was so beautiful to see the little kids interacting with the elderly people there,” she said.

“Some of the kids might not have grandparents around, and similarly some of the residents may not have grandchildren who they see regularly, and I think it’s is so important to have that connection – and seeing how they reacted to each other was amazing. It’s great to be able to provide that connection.

Now we have these meets every four to six weeks and it will be a constant on the Mums n Bubs calendar from now on.”

Mums n Bubs member Niomi Watts said she loved bringing one-year-old Levi to the aged care facility meets.

“I think everyone gets a lot out of it, my son definitely loves it and the residents here are lovely and have a great time,” she said.

“It’s really rewarding – if there is even one interaction which makes the residents here smile then it is absolutely worth it.”

Lifestyle Therapist at Clive Burdeau Aged Care in Hillcrest Tracey Kenyon said the meets were very popular.

“Feedback is always excellent,” she said.

“The residents love having the little kiddies here, and also enjoy talking to the mums. There are lots of great interactions going on during the visits.”


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