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Kindy Conversations up and running in 2018

Logan Together

The Logan Together Community Mobilisation Kindy Conversations campaign is in full swing, with the Family Kindy Guide in the hands of our partners, and conversations happening across Logan.

Around 500 guides are in circulation so far, and they are proving a valuable tool to ensure families are guided smoothly through the Kindy enrolment process. 

We urge all of our partners in child health, early education, community and family services – anyone who works with families that have young kids – to check out the Kindy Guides, and consider getting some Kindy Conversation training.Take part in Kindy Conversations and lets get more little kids in great kindies!

For more details about Kindy Conversations and the Kindy Guides, contact Penny Goodall on penny.goodall@aue.salvationarmy.org

A big shoutout also goes out to the team at Access Community Services, who, with some funding from the Queensland Department of Education, have been amazing in the drive to help get more kids into Kindy, assisting more than 40 refugee and asylum seeker families to navigate the enrolment process – about a quarter of the Kindy-aged children from a refugee or asylum seeker background in the Logan community. This is huge!

The Access team saw a rising number of families seeking assistance with the enrolment process – and, along with helping families one on one, they pulled together a morning event where volunteers spent time with families to take them through the process and ensure their little ones were all set up for Kindy. The morning was a big success with a number of families enrolled and excited about their upcoming Kindy adventure – well done to the team and everyone who was involved in helping out!

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