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Lil Bug Love launches in Logan police stations

A cuddly snail, a set of headphones, colouring in and plain paper, coloured pencils and a bag: simple items, many of which can be found in the bedrooms of many kids – but Cindy Barden knows that for kids in trauma, it’s the simple comforts that make a huge difference.

Cindy knew two things when a traumatic domestic violence incident led to her and her daughter being interviewed in a police station: she wished that her daughter didn’t have to relive the event as Cindy told the police – and she would do whatever she could to make sure as few children as possible were in that situation.

She launched Lil Bug Love, coordinating comfort packs with the intention that they would be made available for families who found themselves where she had: in a police intereview room, reliving a traumatic event, with no comforts from home.

“Everything happens so fast and you don’t have a chance to think, breathe, anything – so kids don’t have the time to get things that are important to them,” she said.

“I know for my daughter, if she had had some distraction, it could have made a big difference.”

In early August, Cindy’s vision became a reality when Lil Bug Love packs were distributed to all Logan police stations. The need for them – always assumed – was confirmed when, just minutes after they were distributed, the first pack was given to a young family just rooms away from the launch.

Cindy now hopes to take Lil Bug Love wider – Queesland-wide and beyond! For more information head to lilbuglove.org.

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