Logan Together


The Logan Get Together is back!

It’s Back – The Logan Get Together!

Two years ago we held the first ever Logan Get Together where more than 300 people celebrated the collective vision and collaborative action of Logan Together– a movement that 100’s of organisations and 1000s of people signed up to so Logan kids have the best start possible.

 Last year we upped the ante and along with 3 other partners, hosted the inaugural ChangeFest.  This brought together more than 500 delegates from across Australia who collectively authored and endorsed the ChangeFest Statement, which in turn has inspired national advocacy efforts plus lifechanging upgrades in how individuals live, work in play.

 On September 6, the Logan Get Together will return and you’re invited to be part of the conversation and celebration.  At this one-day event we will hold the light up to what’s happening in Logan – the good and the great, as well as exploring the areas we need to turn our focus to as we traverse the roadmap of intergenerational opportunity. IT’s complimentary – our way of saying thank you to everyone who supports the Logan Together movement.

 You’ll join mums and dads, the quiet leaders, the doers, the planners, the dreamers and the visionaries, plus the content experts, the champions and everyone in between.  The only requirement for entry is that you want the best for kids in our community.

 Please reserve the date:  6 September 2019; Logan Entertainment Centre; Logan; Queensland. Head here to book your ticket! 

The Roadmap