Logan Together

Our Vision

In 2025 Logan kids will be as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Queensland kids.

By 2025 if we can assist an extra 5,000 Logan kids to arrive at 8 years old in great shape, we’ll have achieved our goals.

Acting across the life course

To achieve that there are things we need to do at every age and stage of childhood and we need strong families and communities too.

Building a community movement

Part of our vision is to build a long-term community movement where everybody knows lots about child development and values kids.

An empowered community

Importantly we want to see local people in leadership roles helping to shape decisions about the issues that affect them, so community engagement and empowerment is important.

Shared, local decision-making for coherent social investment

We’d like to see changes in the way Governments design and spend their social investment dollars too – with far less fragmentation in the social spend. We want to end the Meteor Shower of programs that hit communities in a random pattern from different programs, departments and levels of Government. That means more decisions devolved for integrated decision-making at the city / regional level. We are building local governance structures that can help achieve that.

Answering the right policy questions

Disadvantage and poverty in Australia are highly geographically concentrated, so we need a long-term plan for making these communities do well. When we start by asking how do we fix a particular social problem in isolation – think homelessness, unemployment, mental health, drugs … – we end up with the Meteor Shower. Instead, we need to think holistically and strategically and ask “how do we make this community thrive?”

When we ask that question, we find we have a good answer – one that looks a lot like Logan Together.



By 2025 if we can assist an extra 5,000 Logan kids to arrive at 8yo in great shape, we’ll have achieved our goals. Click To Tweet

The Roadmap