Logan Together

What is collective impact?

A good way of getting many partners organised around a common goal.

Collective Impact is a good way of getting many partners organised around a common goal.

There are many things that go into producing a healthy, happy eight-year-old – from before birth, through each and every stage of childhood.

That’s why we need everyone involved in the Logan Together movement.

But organising all that effort takes work and the Collective Impact methodology is really helpful.

It was originally described by Kania and Kramer in 2011.  It was built upon by Weaver and Cabaj 

We’ve added some extra bits in our Design Principles manifesto.

Here’s how the thinking has evolved:

Kania & Kramer 2011 Weaver & Cabaj 2016 Rubenstein & Hogan 2017
 Focus: Managerial Focus: Movement bulding Focus: Movement building
 Continuous communication Authentic engagement Engagement & Mobilisation
 Common agenda Shared aspirations Shared aspiration, outcomes
 Shared measurement Strategic learning Measurement, evaluation, strategic learning
 Mutually reinforcing activities High leverage opportunities High leverage strategies
 Backbone support Container for change Backbone support
    Place based 
    Collective partnerships 
    Capability building 
    System-level re-engineering 
    Program logic/rational planning

The Roadmap