Logan Together

Leadership Table

Leadership Table

The Leadership Table is the peak leadership body for the Logan Together movement.


The Leadership Table is made up of senior leaders from the local community, Government and NFP.


Dr John Davis

John Davis is a proud Murri Ambae man. He is a Traditional Owner of the western sides of Bunya Bunya Mountains, Country we call Boobagarrn Ngumminge.

John’s core work roles over the past decade have focused on educational excellence, woven within a team environment.

John has worked as a lead educator in schools including positions as Principal, Head of Department, and Subject Area Coordinator for Indigenous Education.  He has also held lectureship positions with the University of Queensland and James Cook University, and has worked as a QCAA and ACARA Advisor.  In 2016, John completed his PhD in Indigenous Community Models of Education – Community Durithunga, with the Queensland University of Technology.  Other research interests include Indigenous languages as LOTE, embedding Indigenous Knowledges and Indigenous ways to multimodal literacy.  John is passionate about our people, our languages and culture and working and moving our ways forward as best practice in education and community development.

John also takes a leadership role in Warril Yari-Go, which led to his appointment as Co-Chair earlier this year.


Janet Stodulka

Janet Stodulka has dedicated her professional life to social and welfare policy and practice reform in state, territory and federal governments. She retired from the Australian Public Service in March 2019. During her public service career she led: the design and implementation of national and international family support policy and servicing for the Australian Defence Force; the development of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children; the design and implementation of place-based social and economic development trials; and, significant internal practice, efficiency, and regulatory reform initiatives for a number of government agencies.

Post retirement, Janet has been continuously engaged as a consultant to help prosecute strategic policy, practice and investment innovations to solve complex intergenerational wellbeing, productivity and prosperity barriers impacting particular communities around Australia.

Janet has worked as a general management and specialist place-based consultant, and has served in a voluntary capacity on a number of school, sporting and community governing committees.

Janet has been a passionate partner and supporter of the Logan community, particularly since the idea of the Logan Together Movement started to take shape. She was a committed member of the Logan Together Leadership Table during its first two years and remained an active supporter and solutions broker for the Movement while she was working in other roles based in Canberra. She was also instrumental in brokering the commitment for matched Federal and State funding for communities like Logan to advance their goals for their children and families, where they live, under the Federal Government’s Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative.

Janet has degrees in sociology, history and social work from the University of New South Wales and Monash University. She is also trained in mediation, community conferencing, and partnership brokering.

Janet is married with three adult children. She lives on a small farm on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


Georgie Baker

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