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Below you’ll find a list of our projects and some explainers about their goals!

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Kindy to Prep

Enrol for Prep    We want to increase the number of Preppies and their families who are making a well-prepared, smooth and timely transition to school, ensuring that the start of a child’s school life is as positive, exciting and empowering as it can be.

Going to Kindy This project looks to reduce and resolve the range of barriers which may be preventing parents from sending their children to a good quality kindy. These could come down to awareness, transport, cost, cultural norms or any number of other issues. 

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Community Gateways

This project wants to see the Logan flourish through a strong and connected network of diverse formal community gateways delivering connection and resources to the community members who need them. 

Stronger Parenting

The Stronger Parenting Project will develop universal truths, broken down into targeted messaging for specific ages and stages and localised to specific pockets of the community. A suite of resources and tools and engagement will raise parents’ awareness of the key things their child needs. This will evolve into a behaviour change campaign as this awareness grows.

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Community Active Partnerships

Funded by the Department of Housing & Public Works, this project delivers sport and movement based activities designed intentionally to promote the physical literacy and wellbeing of children aged 0 – 8 years in Logan. Additionally the project aims to increase awareness by parents and caregivers of what is needed to promote children’s physical literacy and wellbeing, and of opportunities locally for their children to be active.

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ParentNEXT Collaboration 

The ParentsNext providers across Logan, as part of Logan Together, are working collaboratively to identify common barriers and to work to remove them for their clients, allowing them to transition into work or study. 


Logan Together also supports many partner projects, including:

Good Start in Life

right@home – A relationship-based Australian model of sustained nurse home visiting delivered by health professionals. It is specifically targeted to improve outcomes for children and their families by building parents’ capacity to provide safe, responsive care and a home environment that supports children’s learning. 

Maternity hubs – Logan’s first three Community Maternity and Child Health Hubs were launched in April 2018, officially opened by Health Minister Steven Miles.  This project has been close to the heart of many in the Logan community since the project group formed in 2015 and offers women a community-based space for them to receive continuous care throughout their pregnancy.  This project has come together because of the unwavering belief, commitment and hard work of a wide range of partners (including local families) who feel passionately about the importance of this service. The team at Metro South Health and host partners ATSICHS, Access and Benevolent Society put their heart and soul into making the project happen.

Backing Young Parents – We need to find the best ways to connect with vulnerable pregnant young women and early parents in Logan – preferably making the first connection early in the antenatal period – and ensuring they are connected with resources which can support them through their parenting journey. 

On Track at 3

Logan’s Little Learners – Logan’s Little Learners focusses on creating and supporting opportunities for children to develop a love of reading, for parents to learn skills to help develop their child’s early literacy and identifies opportunities for early intervention when developmental support is required.

On Track at 5

First 5 Forever – First 5 Forever is a Government funded community program delivered by Logan City Council’s Library Service aimed at supporting parents and carers in their roles as their children’s first and most important teachers. The program is thriving in Logan with a range of free sessions at Logan City Libraries and other community spaces, sparking a joy of learning in babies and children across the City.

Family Foundations

Mums n Bubs Logan

Strong Community

Children Together – This group is focussed on creating a culture that protects and values the social and emotional wellbeing of children. Based on the Unicef Child Friendly Framework the project is working to ensure the rights of children are reflected in policies, laws, programs and budgets.Children Together recently lunched the Logan Children’s Charter and Child Friendly Toolkit. 

NDIS Activation

Early Years Neighbourhood Networks – Logan Together people are working at the local level in Early Years Neighbourhood Networks. These networks cluster several schools and their feeder early learning services into a community representing a logical geographic catchment.  We’ve listed the schools in each Network below and will include details of the other participants as they become available.

Effective Systems

Domestic and Family ViolenceSchool Workforce Development Project 

Logan Investment Reform

SureSteps Family Coaching – Logan Together partners YFS and the Department of Housing and Public Works are trialing a “Family Coach” model through the new Sure Steps program.  A Family Coach works holistically with all members of the household to understand aspirations and then work long term to help achieve those goals. Early evaluations show extremely positive results and the model has wide implications for service change.

Financial Literacy Action Group – The Logan Financial Literacy Action Group (FLAG) is a collective of community and government agencies who are interested in improving financial capacity and capabilities in Logan.  The group focusses on issues identified in the Logan community, including the prevalence of high-cost credit options, problem gambling, debt traps and scams. The group collaborates to deliver education sessions to the Logan community, undertake research and connect to and promote financial wellbeing at local events. 

Early Childhood Workforce Development – The development and retention of a skilled workforce that supports families and kids is an essential ingredient in ensuring long term improvements in child wellbeing in our city.  The Child Development Workforce Plan has been designed to support the child-facing workforce to better support healthy child development and life trajectories. The project is focussing on boosting skills and knowledge within the local workforce, assessing skills availability and labour force churn, and identifying gaps in current training arrangements.

Griffith University Data Lab

Thriving and on Track (ToTS) Project


The live register of Logan Together’s projects is here

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