Logan Together

Case Studies: A Platform for Change

Behind the scenes we are creating important tools to power the Logan Together movement

Asset register and service mapping

The availability of data and how we use this information is incredibly important to Logan Together, and allows us to measure our progress, but also collectively learn and adapt our strategy, as required, to achieve our vision.

In the first half of 2017 we worked with Logan City Council and a range of Queensland Government departments to develop a community services asset map to better understand the location of resources, challenges and strengths across Logan.

The result was a shared resource that will enable us to:

  • build on and expand existing community strengths
  • generate a shared awareness and understanding of community assets
  • seek to identify resources which are missing from community
  • visualise the strength of current networks of organisations that work to support the community
  • facilitate collaboration by supporting the creation of partnerships which are based on shared outcomes

Plans are in place to will populate an online mapping tool with the data to help service providers in Logan access relevant and geographically convenient referral pathways for their clients. It will also allow for more effective local planning by both government and the sector.

Logan State of Children and Families Report

After months of hard work and research the 2018 State of Logan’s Children and Families report was released, chock full of data and facts about the issues that matter for our kids.

From data on pregnancy and birth, home reading, kindy attendance through to NAPLAN performance – every data set we could find that tells us something useful about our kids was included in the three volume report. The data gives an important insight into where our kids are growing and how they are doing with a range of issues.

The report also included key data on Logan households including household income, employment status, household composition and housing arrangements. From informing government policy to assisting schools to better understand their immediate community the data will play a crucial role in guiding our work into 2019.

Logan Together research alliance

The Logan Together Research Alliance brings together students and academics to review current research on children and families in Logan.

It provides an opportunity for members to share their work and findings and for opportunities for new research projects to be identified to fill any identified gaps.

Opportunity Child and the national agenda

Since our inception we have been committed to engaging with other collective impact sites across the country. In July of 2015 Logan Together partnered with five other collective impact communities around Australia and a group of leading research and philanthropic organisations to develop the Opportunity Child campaign.

Opportunity Child is driven by a shared strategy and vision, addressing child wellbeing issues at the policy and systemic level. The campaign also allows all sites to freely share resources, experiences and data to help increase our impact in our local communities.

The Roadmap