Logan Together

Case Studies: Collaborating for change

Weaving efforts together through collaboration gets more done for our kids.  Here’s some prominent examples.

Parents Next Collaboration

Parents Next is a mandatory readiness for work program designed to help parents with young children enter or re-enter the workforce when their youngest child starts school.

The program is delivered by 7 service providers across Logan who are working collaboratively with Logan Together to identify ways they can remove barriers to employment for their clients while also improving efficiency and outcomes.

A variety of collaborative improvement projects are being pursued including a common intake and assessment process.

Integrated Response to domestic violence trialled in Beenleigh

In late 2015 Beenleigh was named as one of three Queensland trial sites for a new approach to domestic violence cases.

Integrated Service Response was a recommendation from the Not Now, Not Ever report commissioned by the Special Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce. The approach is designed to strengthen responses to victims and their families, and provide opportunities for people using violence to stop their abuse.

Logan Together funder The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services is leading work across government and the community to design and test holistic and integrated approaches to improving the safety of victims and their children and holding perpetrators to account for their violence.

Since the establishment of the Beenleigh trial site, multi-agency teams have been collaborating to provide integrated, culturally appropriate responses to victims and their children assessed to be at high risk of serious harm or death due to domestic violence.

Police, corrections, hospitals, general practitioners, schools, domestic violence councillors and others work together to provide an accurate level of risk and identify what support is needed for victims in each case.

New information sharing legislation are supporting the trials by enabling key government and non-government entities to share information that will help identify and manage serious domestic and family violence threats.

The State government have also commissioned Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) to develop a suite of tools to support the trials. This includes a common risk assessment and management framework model for high risk cases, supporting professional resources, and information sharing guidelines.

Yarrabilba working group

Yarrabilba is one of the youngest and fastest growing suburbs in Logan. The Yarrabilba working group is a collaboration between community members, government departments and property developer Lend Lease to explore opportunities to provide services to the growing community.

Floods Recovery

In April 2017 Logan and surrounding areas were hit by severe flooding in the wake of Cyclone Debbie. Logan Together helped coordinate our partners and other service providers to offer child care for families affected, keeping children safe and cared for while parents took on the tough job of cleaning up. The Logan Together partners also facilitated access to other essential community services such as food banks and clothing.

Better Neighbourhoods Logan

Better Neighbourhoods Logan is a collaboration between the Department of Housing and Public Works, Economic Development Queensland and community service providers to provide safe and affordable housing and improved employment opportunities in Logan.

Logan has one of the fastest growing populations in Queensland. While there are areas of affordable housing in the community, predicted population growth, the style of current social housing available and a lack of suitable development is likely to put a strain on availability and affordability of housing over time.

Launched in December 2016, the program aims to improve housing diversity and better meet people’s needs by addressing the changing needs of the community through Government investment. It will also draw on public-private partnerships and developer led projects to deliver private accommodation and mixed use developments to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community.

The Roadmap