Logan Together

The Roadmap

Our Roadmap is our community’s plan for change.

The Logan Together Roadmap identifies what we need to do so that by 2025, Logan kids will be as healthy and full of potential as any other group of Queensland children.

We’ve aligned our actions according to the life stages – from before birth and through each age and stage of childhood. We know that child, family and community characteristics all influence how our children are now, and in future years.

Breaking down the numbers, we need approximately an extra 5,000 kids to be doing well through their early years.

Sound like a lot?… on average, that’s just 555 kids per year group.


Click on one of the lifestages above to go deep and explore What’s Important, the Data that is available and Projects currently underway.

Kids developmentally on track in 2015: 30,000 and in 2025: 35,000. Click To Tweet