Logan Together

Project Approach

Logan Together projects are developed by collaborative project groups.

For each approved project there is usually a convenor and a project working group who meet regularly, plus a wider group of project stakeholders who stay in contact with the project.

We’ve developed a streamlined project planning framework for groups to use in developing their project. It’s based around these 5 steps:

  1. Define the problem – what is its nature, size and urgency
  2. Identify desired outcomes – use indicators and targets where possible
  3. Develop a theory of change – review evidence, data and engage in co-design
  4. Design and implement – strategies and programs and projects
  5. Measure and evaluate – outputs produced, outcomes achieved.

Community engagement is also really important and we encourage people to use the simple but powerful Harwood Institute framework to guide their engagement efforts.  Click here to see some the Harwood Institute Resources that we regularly use.

The Roadmap