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In addition to the Strategic Projects nominated as priorities by Logan Together partners, there’s lots of other work going on too:


We’ve known for some time that reading to children from a very young age helps to stimulate their brains and lays the groundwork for improved literacy in later years. But research is now showing us that up to 90% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years making every interaction with parents and carers an opportunity for learning.

Logan’s Little Learners focusses on creating and supporting opportunities for children to develop a love of reading, for parents to learn skills to help develop their child’s early literacy and identifies opportunities for early intervention when developmental support is required.

An important part of the project is the First Five Forever program. First Five Forever is a Government funded community program delivered by Logan City Council’s Library Service aimed at supporting parents and carers in their roles as their children’s first and most important teachers. The program is thriving in Logan with a range of free sessions at Logan City Libraries and other community spaces, sparking a joy of learning in babies and children across the City.

Project contact:  Marnie Julin, First Five Forever


This project is focussed on creating a culture that protects and values the social and emotional wellbeing of children. Based on the Unicef Child Friendly Framework the project is working to ensure the rights of children are reflected in policies, laws, programs and budgets.

Children are active agents, and their voices and opinions are taken into consideration and influence decision-making processes. Concepts being explored as part of this project include a Children’s Summit to capture the voice and aspirations of Logan children and what they want for their community.

Project contact:  Geraldine Harris



Parents Next is a mandatory readiness for work program designed to help parents with young children enter or re-enter the workforce when their youngest child starts school.

The program is delivered by 7 service providers across Logan who are working collaboratively with Logan Together to identify ways they can remove barriers to employment for their clients while also improving efficiency and outcomes.

A variety of collaborative improvement projects are being pursued including a common intake and assessment.

Project contact: Sherena Oxley, Logan Together Backbone Team  


The development and retention of a skilled workforce that supports families and kids is an essential ingredient in ensuring long term improvements in child wellbeing in our city.

The Child Development Workforce Plan has been designed to support the child-facing workforce to better support healthy child development and life trajectories. The project is focussing on boosting skills and knowledge within the local workforce, assessing skills availability and labour force churn, and identifying gaps in current training arrangements.

Of particular importance to the project group is identifying ways to develop skills in critical areas such as child development knowledge, social and emotional learning, cultural competence, needs screening and referral.

This project is in its early stages but the energy around it is strong. Commencing in September, 2017, The Salvation Army Griffith Knowledge Partnership will be delivering 5 Master Classes using the Circles of Changed Revisited process to enhance service design and practice in Logan.

The Circles of Change Revisited process is nationally recognised as being a highly effective tool for those working with children and families and the team is excited to be able to offer it free of charge in the Logan area.

Project contact:  Jenny Cartmel, Griffith University


Through their work in the community, the Young Parents project group have identified the need to provide some additional support to women who are embarking on their parenting journey under 19 years of age.

After talking to service providers and young parents, the group saw the need for a “goodie bag” designed specifically to help young people receive information and practical items that would assist them as they began their vital roles as mums.

Logan Hospital receives approximately 300 young mums each year and the group is keen to start distributing Goodie Bags from October and are currently seeking the support of individuals, community groups and businesses to stock the bags.

The bags will include information on support groups and services in the Logan area as well as fact sheets on common new born issues and the importance of attachment parenting but help is needed to source practical items to give the young parents a hand.

Project contact:  Nadine LePre, Benevolent Society


Logan Together partners YFS and the Department of Housing and Public Works are trialing a “Family Coach” model through the new Sure Steps program.  A Family Coach works holistically with all members of the household to understand aspirations and then work long term to help achieve those goals.

The model has wide implications for service change.

Project contact: Christine Grose, YFS


If you’d like to add details of your Logan Together project, please contact Jen Kyriacou from the Logan Together Backbone Team.


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