Logan Together


70% of Logan kids arrive at school ready to reach their potential.

We have a plan to do even better.

The early years of life are hugely influential on our life chances.

Kids who are doing well by age 8 have the best chance to be healthy, happy and resilient adults. The years 0-3 are particularly critical.

Right now, about 70% of Logan kids are thriving across all aspects of wellbeing – we want that number to be higher.  We want to help 5,000 more kids in Logan thrive by 2025 – and partners in the Logan Together movement are making sure that happens.

The difference we make for our kids now will have a big payoff in the future.

Logan is more diverse that New York City.  It’s also one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia, with an extra 200,000 people coming to live in the city over the next 20 years. The diversity of Logan is one of our strengths.

Tapping into this diverse community and what’s needed to make it thrive requires a genuine collaboration between community, industry and government. If we all have the same goal in mind – a bright future for our children – there’s nothing holding us back.  


Some quick facts: 

  • 499 expectant mothers report a low number of antenatal visits – more than double the Queensland average.
  • 1509 kids are vulnerable in one or more AEDC domain – we want to bring that number down by more than 200.
  • In Year 3 NAPLAN, 1292 kids are in the top two bands – we want it to be closer to 1833.



We have prepared detailed profiles for suburbs across Logan which is being used by Logan Together partners to inform the work being done. Check them out here.


Logan is a place of great innovation and social development with some of Australia’s biggest and most important social projects underway.

Taking a lifecourse approach and doing the things that make a difference at each age and stage of human development is the key. 

But in some important aspects our support systems aren’t set up to act on what we know. Effort is often fragmented, responding separately to issues after they occur.  Community aspirations can be left out of the discussion. There are some things that need to change if we are to turn our knowledge into a generation of thriving kids.


We need to make sure the right services are in the right locations during the times that people need them most.   We also need to invest more in things that drive social inclusion and community empowerment –like hubs, child and family centres and empowerment programs.


Logan Together is bringing local community stakeholders together with partners in Government, business and the NFP sector to make solutions that work. 


We are empowering local stakeholders and community members to make decisions about their own future. 


The State of Logan’s Children and Families Report is a mammoth piece of work that will delight and excite data geeks. 

Alternatively, check out Logan City Council’s Community Profile (note – Logan City Council analyse ABS data using slightly different methods to us, so numbers may vary, but it’s a very useful source of information).


Kids who are doing well by age 8 have the best chance to be healthy, happy and resilient adults. Click To Tweet


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