Logan Together

Getting Prepared for Change

Some change is required to act on what we know for our kids

We’re looking at the big picture, as well as what’s right in front of us.

In many ways, we already have the answers to how to achieve the inter-generational change we are seeking. Taking a lifecourse approach and doing the things that make a difference at each age and stage of human development is the key.  But in some important aspects our support systems aren’t set up to act on what we know. Effort is often fragmented, responding separately to issues after they occur.  Community aspirations can be left out of the discussion. There are some things that need to change if we are to turn our knowledge into a generation of thriving kids.

Social reinvestment

We need to make sure the right services are in the right locations during the times that people need them most.   Designing multi-disciplinary services that respond holistically gets better results.  We also need to invest more in things that drive social inclusion and community empowerment – things like hubs and child and family centres and engagement and empowerment programs.

Community engagement

Logan Together is bringing local community stakeholders together with partners in Government, business and the NFP sector to make solutions that work.  Over time, we hope this goes beyond co-design processes to an ongoing dialogue among the community and with partners about our shared aspirations and how to achieve them.  Supporting this robust engagement and empowerment process takes work.  Community stakeholders have to take up new leadership and partners have to find the right ways of genuinely turning outward towards the community they are part of.  There’s some good community engagement resources under our Resources tab.

Shared, local decision-making

We are empowering local stakeholders and community members to make decisions about their own future.  We hope that soon we can join partners in Government and elsewhere in making coordinated social investment decisions close to the ground here in our city.

The Roadmap