Logan Together

About Logan Together

Logan Together is everybody who cares about Logan’s kids.

Logan Together is everyone who cares about Logan’s kids 


We’ve come together to make a difference for our kids and realise our shared goals. We are using collective impact, co-design, and citizen empowerment. 


Right now, 70% of Logan kids are thriving across all aspects of wellbeing.  We want that number to be higher.  We want to help 5,000 more kids in Logan thrive by 2025 – and partners in the Logan Together movement are making sure that happens.

Our community members

You can read more about our community engagement and citizen empowerment program here.

Meet some of our community leaders here.

Our Funders

We can only do what we do because a bunch of passionate, like-minded people and organisations support us. Check out who is supporting us by clicking here.

Backbone team

Griffith University hosts a small but intrepid group who coordinate the work of the Logan Together movement. They are known as the Logan Together “Backbone Team”.  Meet them here.


There are over 100 organisations and over 1,000 people currently active in the Logan Together movement. Organising their energy into action takes some work. Learn how it all hangs together in our Governance model.

Our Trust and Management Committee

Funds for Logan Together are gathered by the Logan Child Friendly Community Consortium Trust. Directors of the Trust also serve as an informal Management Committee that guides the work of the Backbone Team.  Click here to see the amazing people contributing their time and skills to progressing Logan.

Our partners

There are over 100 organisations involved in the Logan Together movement. Here are an enormous number of logos to impress you.

News and Events

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the movement here.

The Roadmap